A multiplayer, action RPG with loads of features such as: farming, fishing, crafting, combat, and a rich story that will keep you enthralled for years to come.

your mission...

if you so choose it

Valley of Crescent Mountain is a MULTIPLAYER - ACTION RPG with loads of features such as: farming, fishing, crafting, combat, and a rich story that will keep you enthralled for months to come.

After pledging your allegiance to a nation, you will be presented with your first mission. Your cover, is a local farmer and your mission is to ensure the local townsfolk of XXXXX pledge fealty to your nation. To accomplish this you will employ methods of subterfuge, build lasting relationships, and complete tasks given to you by your handler.



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To maintain your cover you will have to hone your skills as a farmer. Speak with locals, read books, use whatever methods you can to gain the upper edge and ensure nobody is the wiser to your ultimate plan.


What better way to enjoy the world than to invite your friends? With our fully intergrated subsystems you can join your friends from Steam, Discord, or even Twitch. No matter where you are, fun with "the crew" is just a click away.

Rich Story [RPG]

Our story takes place admits a 100 year peace accord. As you progress through the world learn of the deep history that has lead to the events unfolding as you play. Marvel at the story that has been crafted to span across multiple platforms.

Unique Building

Persnalization is a huge pillar of what we aim to do with VoCM. Everything from the hairstyle you wear to the house you call home. We want to empower the players to explore and express themselves however they see fit.

Arcade Mode

Tired of the main story? Want to play some of the funner aspects with friends and faimly? Maybe get away from the mission impossible type stuff? Arcade mode allows you to do just that, join up with friends or just complete solo events. Everything from pig races to dragons, and with new modes added monthly there is always something to try out.